Stop Sequestration Before it Impacts Our National Airspace System

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Photo courtesy of NATCAThe clock is ticking toward a March 1 deadline when federal “sequestration” cuts will take effect unless Congress acts.  If the cuts do go through, our economy will take a hit but our National Airspace System (NAS), in particular, will be imperiled.  We can’t let that happen, and there is a way you can help.

Sequestration will trigger a $483 million cut in the Federal Aviation Administration operations budget, which would mean mandatory furloughs among FAA workers including air traffic controllers and aviation safety inspectors and systems specialists —most of whom are members of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) and the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (PASS).

We’ve been through this before. When Republican brinksmanship halted progress on the FAA Reauthorization Act in 2011, almost 4,000 FAA employees were sent home without pay for 13 days—pawns in a game designed to pump up the agenda of anti-government zealots.  This is wrong – please add your voice to this battle.

The American public has made it abundantly clear that America needs jobs, not cuts.  Americans have rejected this idea that we should use the current budget impasse in Washington to manufacture a crisis and impose cuts on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while coddling a tax code that favors the super-rich.  Now these antics threaten to sacrifice air safety and the incredibly important work that FAA workers do to make air travel the safest in the world.

As March 1 fast approaches, take action right now to protest the sequestration cuts that will hurt the efficiency and capacity of our nation’s aviation system, and undermine air safety.


4 thoughts on “Stop Sequestration Before it Impacts Our National Airspace System

  1. Once again the American workers will suffer due to congresses inability to do their job. Congresses has better pay, benifets and retirement than most workers yet they fail to due their job. Shame on them!

  2. I say “shut it down” All of it , and lets see who comes screaming to end it. The Republicans want it to happen to make Obama look bad when in fact it will do just the opposite. The FAA can cut 50% of the HQ positions and nobody would know the difference. Hell, the system would probably run smoother.

  3. sequestration is a dirty substitute for austerity . look what is happening in greece ,spain, portugal, the uk ireland etc the wealthy are getting a free ride while it is the average citizen getting screwed

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