TTD represents unions that include pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, FAA inspectors, engineers and other safety specialists, mechanics, and more. While there are many different pieces of legislation and regulatory changes that affect these professionals, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization bill is due to be updated. Stay tuned for updates on this comprehensive piece of legislation.

Below is some of the work we’ve done to advance the issues that affect aviation workers:

Press Releases:

Time for U.S. DOT to Reject NAI Scheme

TTD to DOT: Show NAI that America’s Workers Have Priority

TTD Supports FAA Effort to Raise the Bar on Outsourced Aircraft Maintenance

Transportation Labor Encourages U.S. and EU Delegations to Fully Enforce Critical Labor Protections

House Passage of Westmoreland-DeFazio Amendment a Rejection of NAI-Like Airline Operating Schemes

Senate THUD Appropriations Bill Is a “Solid Step Forward”

Statement on the Passing of Congressman Jim Oberstar

Statement on White House Blueprint for $302 Billion Investment in Surface Transportation

TTD Commends EU Decision on Airline Emissions Tax

Unions Call on U.S. DOT to Reject Norwegian Air International’s Application for Foreign Air Carrier Permit

Armed TSA Transportation Security Law Enforcement Personnel Will Make Airports Safer

TTD Urges U.S. DOT to Ban Voice Calls on Planes

FAA Launches New Rule to Curb Unsafe Aircraft Maintenance Outsourcing Practices

Senators Ask DOT to Protect U.S. Airline Jobs, Reject Gaming of U.S.-EU Open Skies Agreement

TTD Urges Administration to Deliver Strong Message to EC: Keep Aviation and Maritime Out of TTIP

TTD Joins Effort in Oslo to Combat Norwegian Air International’s Scheme

TSA Aircraft Repair Station Rule Inadequate

Reform Bill Would Stop Wasteful DHS Spending That Threatens U.S. Airline Competitiveness

Transportation Labor Takes Dead Aim at Airline Operating Schemes That Scour Globe for Cheap Labor

Flight Attendants to be Covered by Long-Overdue Health and Safety Protections

Obstructionists Derail Transportation Appropriations Jobs Bill

TTD Supports Bill to Mitigate Pension Losses at AA, Calls for Swift Passage

Ryan Budget Puts Economic Recovery, Nation’s Mobility at Severe Risk

Transportation Unions Vow Vigorous Push to End Neglect of Nation’s Transportation System and Infrastructure

Transportation Unions Reject EU’s Aviation Trade Liberalization Agenda

More Rigorous Oversight Needed to Ensure Safety of Outsourced Aircraft Repairs

TTD Statement on State of the Union Address

TTD Applauds DOL Action to Ensure Airline Flight Crew Are Protected Under FMLA

Statement on Transportation Secretary LaHood’s Departure

Sandy Bill Critical to Storm Ravaged Northeast Transportation Systems

Transportation Labor Honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

TTD Applauds Passage of Overdue Sandy Relief Funding

Senate Confirmation of Michael Huerta Clears Way for Aviation Modernization and Safety Initiatives

Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill Will Restore Ravaged Northeast Transportation System

TTD Supports Extension of Safety and Health Protections to Flight Attendants

TTD Tells FAA Time to Raise the Bar on Aircraft Repair Outsourcing Safety

President Obama Focuses Lame Duck Congress on Job Creation, Middle-Class Tax Relief

Transportation Workers Part of Historic Mobilization to Re-Elect President Obama, Put America to Work

Who Will Build It? Not Gov. Christie

Transportation Labor Praises New Federal Rule on Pilot Fatigue; Work Remains to Cover Air Cargo Sector

Congress Must Not Go on Summer Vacation Before Funding our Aviation System

Transportation Labor Applauds Air Traffic Controllers For Keeping Skies Safe

Senator Rand Paul’s Amendment Singles Out Flight Attendants As Undeserving of Safety and Health Protections

Transportation Unions Call for Go-Slow Approach in Open Skies Aviation Talks with China

Court Decision Upholds New Rules for Rail and Airline Union Elections

Greater Fairness Comes to Airline and Rail Union Elections

Transportation Unions Applaud Senate Passage of FAA Bill

Transportation Labor Supports NMB’s Proposed Rule Changes for Airline and Rail Union Elections

Flight Crews Look Forward to Family and Medical Leave Act Coverage

NMB Offers Airline and Railroad Workers Hope for Fair Union Elections

Transportation Labor Urges Action on Stalled-Out Legislation, Vows to Protect Aviation Workers Harmed by International Joint Ventures

House-Passed FAA Bill Modernizes Aviation System, Advances Safety and Worker Rights

Airports Do an About-Face on Safety Policy

Policy Statements:


Time to Reform the Airport Contract Screening Program

Norwegian Air Shuttle Operating Scheme Must Be Rejected

Protecting U.S. Aviation Jobs in a Global Aviation Industry

Joining the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Congress Must Complete A Multi-Year FAA Reauthorization Bill

Improving the Safety of Air Transportation of Lithium Batteries

Lasers: A Rising Threat to Aviation Safety

Improving Aviation Security

Congress Must Complete Long Overdue FAA Reauthorization This Year

U.S.-China Aviation Trade Relationship

Protecting U.S. Aviation Workers in International Aviation Agreements

Complete FAA Reauthorization This Year

Protecting U.S. Aviation Jobs In International Joint Ventures

FAA Reauthorization: Modernize the National Airspace System and Protect Aviation Workers

Federal Comments:

TTD, AFA-CWA, IAM and TWU Urge DOT to Uphold Airline Labor Standards

AFA-CWA, IAM, and TWU Call on DOT to Deny NAI’s Request for Exemption

TTD and European Transport Workers’ Federation Oppose NAI’s Bid for Exemption

TTD, ALPA, and European Cockpit Association Urge DOT to Reject NAI’s Bid for Exemption

TTD Submits Comments in Support of FAA Effort to Raise the Bar on Outsourced Aircraft Maintenance

TTD Opposes Overturn of Ban on Use of Broadband While In-Flight

TTD Joins ALPA and European Pilots to Counter Latest Norwegian Air Tactics

Former Chairman Jim Oberstar Weighs in Against NAI’s “Flag of Convenience” Scheme

Public and Private Sector Workers Join Forces Against Norwegian Air Scheme

Gulfstream Application Sets Dangerous Precedent for Aircraft Maintenance Outsourcing

AFL-CIO, TTD Oppose NAI Flag of Convenience Application

TTD, Pilot Groups Ask DOT to Reject Norwegian Application That Would Undercut U.S. Workers

TTD Opposes Norwegian Air Shuttle Operating Scheme

TTD Asks Irish Government for Information on Norwegian Air Shuttle Scheme

Air Carriers, Domestic Shippers Should Comply with Lithium Battery Rules

TTD Supports Improving Safety and Oversight of Contract Aircraft Maintenance Repair Stations

It’s Time to Extend OSHA Protections to Cabin Crew

TTD Comments on Foreign Repair Station Proposed Rules

TTD Comments on Lithium Battery Rulemaking

Strengthening Helicopter Safety

Lithium Battery Transport Requires Protections for Workers

Improve Security of Foreign Aircraft Repair

TTD Comments on NMB’s Proposed Election Rule Changes

Comments on the National Mediation Board’s Proposed Rule Changes for Airline and Railroad Union Elections

Public Comments on the NMB’s Representation Manual 35 NMB No. 61

Letters To Congress:

TTD, AFA-CWA, ALPA, IAM, and TWU Urge Appropriators to Reject NAI-Like Airline Operating Schemes

Support the McKinley-Lipinski Letter Opposing In-Flight Voice Communications and Urging Collaboration on Safety and Security

TTD Supports Invest in American Jobs Act of 2014

Support Airline Workers and Fair Competition: Vote YES on Klobuchar-Coats-Schatz-Blunt Amendment

Support Airline Workers and Fair Competition: Vote YES on Westmoreland-DeFazio

FCC Asked to Keep the Ban on In-Flight Voice Communications

Reforms to Contract Screening Program Important to Aviation Safety

Oppose the Inclusion of Aviation Services in TTIP

Vote No on the Ryan Budget Resolution

Senators Asked to Oppose Language Establishing CBP Fee Reinbursement Arrangement

TTD Fights to Clear Sandy Relief Bill


Timely Confirmation of Michael Huerta Important for Stability of Aviation Industry

Vote No on the Ryan Budget Resolution

Preserve Fair Union Election Rules

Protect Air Service to Rural Communities

Flight Attendants Deserve Health & Safety Protections

Improve Oversight for Foreign Aircraft Repair

Defend Fairness for Aviation and Rail Workers

Overseas Mechanics Must Follow the Same Rules as U.S. Mechanics

Reject Amendment to Repeal Davis-Bacon in Aviation Bill

Flight Attendants Don’t Deserve Safety Protections?

Pilot Fatigue Rules Must Not Be Weakened

Oppose Isakson Effort to Overturn NMB Rule Change

Cosponsor the Fairness and Accuracy in Employment Background Checks Act (H.R. 5300)

Congressional testimony:

International Competitiveness Has Direct Impact on U.S. Airline Jobs, TTD President Tells Senate Panel

TTD President Wytkind Testifies on Challenges Facing U.S. Airlines and Their Workforce in the Global Marketplace

TTD to House Panel: Serious Proposals Needed to Establish a 21st Century Freight Network

TTD in the news:

Roll Call—U.S., EU Officials Meet On Norwegian Air Controversy

The Wall Street Journal—Norwegian Air’s Fight for Expansion Intensifies

The Hill—Unions press for complete rejection of Norwegian Air US flight bid

The Hill—Feds reject Norwegian Air bid for expedited US flight approval

National Journal—Globe-Trotting Carrier Poses Threat to Workers, U.S. Airlines

Politico—DOT won’t open U.S. skies to airline — for now

Associated Press—US Rejects Norwegian Air Bid for US-Europe Flights

Roll Call—Foxx Rejects Norwegian Air International’s Interim Request for Low-Cost Transatlantic Service

The Foreigner— Stop Norwegian Air’s Descent Into Low-Road Labor Policies

The Hill—Unions push administration to reject Norwegian airline

Aviation International News—FAA Proposes Rule on Maintenance Outsourcing Practices

The Washington Post—US ponders drug testing in foreign aircraft shops

Reuters—U.S. aerospace, aviation industries see threats in aging workforce

The Stand—Urge White House to reject Norwegian Air scheme

People’s World—Unions fight airline plan to enter U.S. on the cheap

Air Transport World—Unions unite against Norwegian’s crew recruitment scheme

Independent.ie—Norwegian pumps another €46m into Irish long-haul base

Independent.ie—Scandinavian airline Norwegian granted licence to operate from Ireland

Runway Girl Network—UPDATE:Unions fear other LCCs will copy Norwegian

APEX Editor’s Blog—Norwegian business model faces challenges from labour in EU and US

Independent.ie—US unions’ plead with Leo Varadkar over Norwegian air licence

Reuters—Airline Unions Lobby to Halt Norwegian Air’s Long-haul Plans

Aviation International News—TSA, At Last, Issues Final Repair Station Security Rules

Travel Weekly—Cheap Seats the Hard Way

Associated Press—TSA to Begin Inspecting Airliner Repair Shops

News in English—Air Authorities Slam Norwegian

News in English—Air authorities slam Norwegian

Aviation Daily—Airline Globalization on Steroids

CQ—Airlines, Unions Back Effort to Thwart Customs Facility in Abu Dhabi

Aviation Week—Keep Air Transport Out of U.S.-EU Trade Talks

The Hill – Obama taps Charlotte Mayor Foxx for secretary of Transportation

Huffington Post Blog – Those Scofflaws At American Airlines

The Hill’s Congress Blog – Congress Must Not Block Safety Improvements in Aviation Safety Bill

National Journal Blog – Dismiss These Reckless Proposals

Blog posts:

188 Members of Congress Urge U.S. DOT to #DenyNAI

Ed Wytkind in The Hill: Norwegian Air deal undermines labor standards

U.S. DOT Keeps Norwegian Air International Grounded

NAI Delivers a Timeout in Washington from Partisan Rancor

Time to Derail Norwegian Airline Scheme

Privatizing Airport Security Is Only Good for Corporations

Bad Connection: Why Proposed Cell Phone Use on Planes Should Be Grounded

Norwegian Air’s Low-Road Expansion Plans Get Cold Reception on House Floor

If Presidents Kennedy and Reagan Got it, Why is Washington Stuck in Neutral?

Former Chairman Oberstar Weighs in Against NAI’s “Flag of Convenience” Scheme

Not Only Airline Employees Have a Distaste for Norwegian’s Low-Road Expansion Plan

DHS Preclearance Center in Abu Dhabi Has to Go

From Tarmac to Takeoff, Let’s Ensure Safety of Our Aircraft

Sequestration is Not Just Belt-Tightening, It’s a Disaster

Stop Sequestration Before it Impacts Our National Airspace System

One Airspace — One Level of Safety

Honoring Those Who Defend Our Nation

Time to Let American Passenger Service Agents Vote