TTD represents railroad professionals who work for freight, commuter and passenger rail lines.

Below is some of the recent work we’ve done to advance the issues that affect railroad workers:

Press Releases:

Senate THUD Appropriations Bill Is a “Solid Step Forward”

Remarks by Edward Wytkind Delivered at Rally for Jobs and Infrastructure during Infrastructure Week

Statement on the Passing of Congressman Jim Oberstar

Statement on White House Blueprint for $302 Billion Investment in Surface Transportation

President Obama Kick-Starts Debate on Funding Long-Term Surface Transportation Legislation

Transportation Unions Call For Federally Mandated Two-Person Crews on Freight Trains

New SMART Poll Shows Americans Want to Ride Amtrak

Obstructionists Derail Transportation Appropriations Jobs Bill

Ryan Budget Puts Economic Recovery, Nation’s Mobility at Severe Risk

Senate Appropriations Bill Rejects House Cuts to Mass Transit and Highway Programs

Transportation Unions Vow Vigorous Push to End Neglect of Nation’s Transportation System and Infrastructure

Transportation Labor: Congress Must Advance Long-Term Plan for Amtrak

TTD Statement on State of the Union Address

TTD Applauds DOL Action to Ensure Airline Flight Crew Are Protected Under FMLA

Statement on Transportation Secretary LaHood’s Departure

Sandy Bill Critical to Storm Ravaged Northeast Transportation Systems

Transportation Labor Honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

TTD Applauds Passage of Overdue Sandy Relief Funding

Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill Will Restore Ravaged Northeast Transportation System

President Obama Focuses Lame Duck Congress on Job Creation, Middle-Class Tax Relief

Transportation Workers Part of Historic Mobilization to Re-Elect President Obama, Put America to Work

Who Will Build It? Not Gov. Christie

Carnahan-LaTourette Bill Boosts Ailing Transit Systems

Congress Should Reject Mica-Shuster Legislation to Break-Up and Privatize National Amtrak System

Privatization Will Doom National Amtrak Service

Efforts to Privatize Amtrak Must Be Rejected

House Votes to Repeal Fair Union Election Rules

TTD Testifies Against Privatization of Amtrak

Gov. Scott Abandons Jobs by Killing High Speed Rail in Florida

Congress Must Reject Job-Killing Cuts to Mass Transit, Amtrak and High Speed Rail

BNSF Request to Outsource Train Safety Inspections Must be Rejected

Congress Should Reject Bills to Kill High Speed Rail Investments and Jobs

Senate Rejects Isakson Resolution to Kill Democracy in Airline and Rail Union Elections

Court Decision Upholds New Rules for Rail and Airline Union Elections

Greater Fairness Comes to Airline and Rail Union Elections

Transportation Labor Supports NMB’s Proposed Rule Changes for Airline and Rail Union Elections

Long Overdue Rail, Transit Legislation Poised for Passage

NTSB Adds Worker Fatigue Issues to “Most Wanted List”

Policy Statements:

Transportation Labor Joins the Jobs to Move America Coalition

Mandate Two-Person Crews on Freight Trains

Support for UMWA Patriot Campaign

PRIIA Reauthorization: Long-Term Investment in Amtrak and Middle-Class Jobs

Joining the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Implementation of Positive Train Control Will Make Railroads Safer

Amtrak’s Role As the Nation’s High Speed Passenger Railroad

Protecting Workers as Passenger Rail is Expanded

Strengthening Federal Oversight of Rail Transit Operations

Implementing High Speed Rail Initiative

Hazmat Reauthorization: Ensuring the Safe, Secure and Efficient Transportation of Hazardous Materials

Expanding Our Transportation System and Infrastructure with U.S. Manufactured Goods

Federal Comments:

TTD Weighs in on Improving the Safety of Rail Transportation of Crude Oil

TTD Supports Sharing Emergency Response Plans with First Responders

TTD Opposes Extending California High-Speed Rail Comment Period

TTD Addresses FRA’s Proposed Changes to Positive Train Control Regulations

State Freight Strategies Must Focus on Job Creation

TTD Comments on Control of Alcohol and Drug Use: Addition of Post-Accident Toxicological Testing for Non-Controlled Substances

TTD Supports Hours of Service Change for Passenger Train Operators

Request to Outsource Rail Safety Work Must Be Rejected

TTD Supports Strengthening of Whistleblower Provisions

National Rail Plan Must Sustain Jobs, Produce Safe System

TTD Comments on NMB’s Proposed Election Rule Changes

Comments on the National Mediation Board’s Proposed Rule Changes for Airline and Railroad Union Elections

Capital Assistance for High Speed Rail Corridors and Intercity Passenger Rail Service: Public Input on Recovery Act Guidance to Applicants

Public Comments on the NMB’s Representation Manual 35 NMB No. 61

Letters To Congress:

Support the Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2014

TTD Supports Invest in American Jobs Act of 2014

Vote No on Denham High-Speed Rail Amendment to T-HUD Appropriations Bill

Vote No on Sessions Amtrak Amendment to T-HUD Appropriations Bill

Oppose Broun Amendment to T-HUD Appropriations Bill (H.R. 4745)

TTD Urges Support for Safe Freight Act

Support the Price Amendment to Maintain Amtrak Funding

Vote No on the Ryan Budget Resolution

TTD Fights to Clear Sandy Relief Bill


Vote No on the Ryan Budget Resolution

Preserve Fair Union Election Rules

Defend Fairness for Aviation and Rail Workers

Oppose Isakson Effort to Overturn NMB Rule Change

Vote No on Job-Killing Amendments in Transportation Bill

Honoring Freight Rail and Its Employees

Cosponsor the Fairness and Accuracy in Employment Background Checks Act (H.R. 5300)

Support the Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety Act

Support a Strong Hazmat Transportation Reauthorization Bill

Letter to Florida State Legislature on CSX Deal

Congressional testimony:

TTD to House Panel: Serious Proposals Needed to Establish a 21st Century Freight Network

Testimony on “Competition for Intercity Passenger Rail in America Act of 2011″

Transportation Labor Testifies on Opening the Northeast Corridor to Private Competition for the Development of High-Speed Rail

Transportation Labor Testifies on Privatization in Passenger Rail

Amtrak Reauthorization Testimony

TTD in the news:

National Journal—Sidestepping the Lowest Bidder

The Hill—House whacks Amtrak construction funds

TIMES UNION—Increase funding for rail system

Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel—Time to badger Congress for Amtrak expansion

St. Louis Post-Dispatch—Memo to Congress: Missourians want more Amtrak service

Altoona Mirror—Don’t Derail Amtrak: Poll Says Pennsylvanians Want it Funded

The Hill—Kentucky Poll Shows Amtrak Support

The Hill—Unions push for bus driver, train crew rules

Des Moines Register-Another View: Americans’ Appetite for Amtrak Service Growing

The Hill – Obama taps Charlotte Mayor Foxx for secretary of Transportation

Progressive Railroading – Labor leaders urge Congress to pass long-term Amtrak plan

Firedoglake Blog – Shocker: Gov. Walker Not So Lucky in his Request for High Speed Rail Funds

National Journal Blog – Dismiss These Reckless Proposals

Blog posts:

Ed Wytkind on the Huffington Post: So Now Replacing 100-Year Old Tunnels Is a Liberal Boondoggle?

Launching a New Era in Job Creation

Congress Puts Rail Safety on the Agenda

Chicago’s Game-Changing American Jobs Plan

One Year after Tragic Lac-Megantic Accident a Reminder of Unfinished Business

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Tired Freight Rail Employees? You Bet

Can We Avoid the ‘Mobility Cliff?’

A Smooth, Safe and Modern Ride

Honoring Those Who Defend Our Nation

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