TTD represents unions that include public transit system personnel. Below is some of the recent work we’ve done to advance the issues that affect transit workers:

Press Releases:

Congress Acts to Patch, Not Fix, the Highway Trust Fund

The House Cannot Afford to Put Off Transportation Funding

Passage of Carper-Corker-Boxer Amendment Forces Debate on Long-Term Transportation Bill

Statement on the Resignation of Anne Ferro

Senator Murphy Offers Courageous Plan to Finally Boost Long-Term Transit and Highway Funding

Senate THUD Appropriations Bill Is a “Solid Step Forward”

House Must Reject Plan to Cut Mail Delivery to Pay for Highway and Transit Investments

Remarks by Edward Wytkind Delivered at Rally for Jobs and Infrastructure during Infrastructure Week

Statement on the Passing of Congressman Jim Oberstar

Statement on White House Blueprint for $302 Billion Investment in Surface Transportation

TTD President Edward Wytkind on Transit Benefit Tax Extender

President Obama Kick-Starts Debate on Funding Long-Term Surface Transportation Legislation

Obstructionists Derail Transportation Appropriations Jobs Bill

Legislation Would Spare Public Transit Riders from Looming Tax Increase

Ryan Budget Puts Economic Recovery, Nation’s Mobility at Severe Risk

Transportation Unions Vow Vigorous Push to End Neglect of Nation’s Transportation System and Infrastructure

Transportation Unions Push Plan to Avert Highway Trust Fund Cliff

TTD Statement on State of the Union Address

Statement on Transportation Secretary LaHood’s Departure

Sandy Bill Critical to Storm Ravaged Northeast Transportation Systems

Transportation Labor Honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

TTD Applauds Passage of Overdue Sandy Relief Funding

Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill Will Restore Ravaged Northeast Transportation System

President Obama Focuses Lame Duck Congress on Job Creation, Middle-Class Tax Relief

Transportation Workers Part of Historic Mobilization to Re-Elect President Obama, Put America to Work

Who Will Build It? Not Gov. Christie

TTD Supports Essential Transit Reform Funding

Transit Emergency Funding Bill to Save Jobs, Preserve Service

Transportation Labor Testifies: Costs of Delaying Surface Transportation Bill Higher Than Costs of Passing It

Congress to Vote on Giving Transit Agencies Flexibility to Use Stimulus Funds for Operating Expenses in Supplemental Bill

Long Overdue Rail, Transit Legislation Poised for Passage

Extension of Cross-Border Trucking Program is Unbelievable

DHS Misses Deadline in 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act

Congress Finally Ends Bush Administration Neglect of Transportation Security

Policy Statements:

Time to Reform FLSA

Transportation Labor Joins the Jobs to Move America Coalition

Senate Must Reverse House CR Cuts to Public Transit, Highways

Joining the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Further Delay of Surface Transportation Reauthorization Threatens the Economy

Mass Transit Systems Need Spending Flexibility to Avoid Damaging Service and Job Cuts

Reauthorize The Surface Transportation Bill In The 111th Congress

Surface Transportation Authorization: A Chance to Rebuild the Nation

No More Exuses – Secure Mass Transit and Rail Now

Federal Comments:

FMCSA Takes Step to Curb Driver Coercion

TTD Opposes Buy America Waiver to Chicago DOT for 378 Vehicles

Strong Buy America Regulations Support New Jobs, Healthy Manufacturing Sector

TTD Opposes Extending California High-Speed Rail Comment Period

TTD Addresses FRA’s Proposed Changes to Positive Train Control Regulations

Transportation Labor Weighs in on Distracted Driving

Comments for New Starts/Small Starts Policies and Procedures

Comments on Buy America Waiver Request from MBTA Docket No. FTA-2008-0047

Petition to Reconsider FTA Notice of Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Rates

Letters To Congress:

TTD Supports Invest in American Jobs Act of 2014

Public and Private Sector Unions Reject Postal Reform Scam to Pay For Highway Trust Fund

Vote NO on Gingrey Amendment to Eliminate Official Time

Promote Highway Safety-Oppose Daines Amendment to T-HUD Appropriations Bill

TTD Urges Senate Finance Committee to Extend Transit Commuter Benefit in Extenders Package

Transportation Unions Ask Key Members of the Senate to Extend Federal Transit Tax Benefit

TTD Asks Senators to Cosponsor the Driver Fatigue Prevention Act

Support the Price Amendment to Maintain Amtrak Funding

Vote No on the Ryan Budget Resolution

TTD Fights to Clear Sandy Relief Bill


Oppose Drastic Transportation Cuts: Vote NO on the Broun Motion to Instruct

Support the Surface Transportation Extension Act — H.R. 4348

Support S. 1813

Cosponsor the Carnahan-LaTourette Bill (H.R. 3200)

Vote No on the Ryan Budget Resolution

Support Flexibility for Use of Transit Stimulus Funds

Vote YES on the Nadler-DeFazio Amendment Vote NO on the Flake Amendment

Cosponsor the Saving Energy through Public Transportation Act, S. 3380

Support Funding for the Washington Area Metro Transit Authority

Congressional testimony:

TTD to House Panel: Serious Proposals Needed to Establish a 21st Century Freight Network

TTD in the news:

Roll Call—Transportation Unions Chart Strategy For New Congress

Al Jazeera America—Good jobs no longer an afterthought in awarding lavish transit contracts

National Journal—Sidestepping the Lowest Bidder

Metro—Experts Say ‘Good Jobs Are No Longer an Afterthought’ in Transportation Spending

The Hill—Congress faces gas tax dilemma

The Hill—Unions to Budget Writers: Restore Transit Tax Break

The Hill—Why preclearance in Abu Dhabi is a bad deal for America

National Journal—Take Away Ideology, Amtrak is a Highway

The Hill – Obama taps Charlotte Mayor Foxx for secretary of Transportation

Huffington Post Blog – Giving Up My Seat on the Bus

National Journal Blog – Dismiss These Reckless Proposals

Blog posts:

Jobs to Move America in Al-Jazeera America: Putting Our Transit Dollars to Work

Launching a New Era in Job Creation

Chicago’s Game-Changing American Jobs Plan

The Highway Trust Fund Needs More Than Its Potholes Patched

One Year after Tragic Lac-Megantic Accident a Reminder of Unfinished Business

Boehner-Cantor-McCarthy Plan Just Another Messaging Bill

If Presidents Kennedy and Reagan Got it, Why is Washington Stuck in Neutral?

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

America’s Transit Commuters Got a Late Holiday Gift Jan. 1

Can We Avoid the ‘Mobility Cliff?’

Honoring Those Who Defend Our Nation

We’ve Seen This Dog and Pony Show Before